Who am I?

Hey! My name is Cody Miller, but I'm mainly referred to as Looskie, I'm a frontend website developer, photographer, owner, and influencer! I run multiple communities and Instagram accounts, and one of the communities I run is HydraSurvival Network! I've recently made a new podcast named "Pro(cast)inators"! Where we talk about random stories that are funny or dangerous, and we always tend to make it funny somehow. I run a YouTube channel of my own named "Luskey" and I make funny moments videos once in a while!

What can I do?

I can make websites for anyone in any scheme, just contact me on a social media, tell me what you want, give me a few pictures, or any assets you want to use, and I'll give you a quote! It can start as low as $80 depending on what you want! Keep in mind that doesn't include a webserver or a domain! Those you will have to get from a webhost provider (in my case Deploys.io) and a domain from a website such as NameCheap.com.

My Websites

Click on any project below!

  • Looskie.com


    This website was created to show off my work, ironically this is the website. I spent a lot of time on this website and creativity and I'm pretty happy in the results of it, Probably one of my best websites.

  • Legendary Escape Rooms


    The Legendary Escape Rooms (LER) website is a website for a TSA (Technology Student Association) project. Its award winning, winning 3rd place in the state of Connecticut. It is currently going to Nationals in June!

  • Redirector


    This website was created for convience and testing. When you click your OS it reidrects to the app I set it to. In this case I right now have it set to my Instagram page. It was mainly made for people who use Snapchat and attach a link where it only puts the webpage up and doesn't actually open up the desired app.

  • HydraSurvival


    A Minecraft Serer website I made for my server I run and develop. The IP is Hydra.us.to if you want to join. Its a OP Survival and Hardcore Survival (You have the option to pick which one!) and I spent a lot of time on it.

Are you interested?

If you're interested and pleased on what you see, don't be scared to hit me up on Instagram, E-Mail, which is [email protected], or Discord which is Looskie#0001. I hope to hear from you soon!